simple-build-tool (sbt) and scala bazaar system (sbaz)

Now that I could compile files and evaluate thing from specs, I wanted to create a sbaz package to completely replace Ant.

These Ant tasks are implemented in compiler jar as scala code, so all I had to do was port them over to sbt task. Ant scalascript task generates a shell script that runs you application, which became ScalaScriptTask.scala. Ant sbaz task generates sbaz package, which is a zip file with description in it as an xml file, which became ScalaBazaarTask.scala.

To use the tasks, all you need to do is compile them into your project along with the templates, add with ScalaBazaarTask, and override def description as follows:

import sbt._
class ScalaxbProject(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultProject(info)
    with ScalaBazaarTask {
  val specs = "org.scala-tools.testing" % "specs_2.8.0.Beta1" % "1.6.2" % "test"
  override def description = "XML data binding tool for Scala."