scalaxb 1.7.0

breaking changes

  • ExecutionContext parameter is added to all methods returning Future[A], instead of hardcoding a execution context. #482 inspired by #407.

Starting scalaxb 1.7.0, an explicit import of ExecutionContext would be required as follows:

import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits._

symbol encoding strategy and capitalization

scalaxb 1.7.0 adds option to encode symbols.

  lazy val scalaxbCapitalizeWords  = settingKey[Boolean]("Attempts to capitalize class and attribute names to match the CamelCase convention")
  lazy val scalaxbSymbolEncodingStrategy = settingKey[SymbolEncodingStrategy.Value]("Specifies the strategy to encode non-identifier characters in generated class names")
  object SymbolEncodingStrategy extends Enumeration {
    val Discard = Value("discard")
    val SymbolName = Value("symbol-name")
    val UnicodePoint = Value("unicode-point")
    val DecimalAscii = Value("decimal-ascii")
    val Legacy151 = Value("legacy-1.5.1")

#461 by @hosamaly

other enhancements

  • Handle multiple faults #438 by @SupraFii
  • Adds support for enum values list #446 by @bbarker
  • Supports Dispatch versions from 0.11.4 to 0.14.x #468 by @margussipria
  • Generates a default value for class parameters of anyAttribute #470 by @hosamaly
  • scala-xml 1.1.0 and scala-parser-combinators 1.1.0 #476 by @sullis
  • Uses sealed traits for enums #479 by @mrdziuban
  • Adds config option for setting scalaxbEnumNameMaxLength for enum name length #480 by @mrdziuban

bug fixes

  • Don't throw exception on http status code != 200 to allow Fault parsing #444 by @alexdupre
  • Fixes Soap11Fault bug when empty detail #450 by @dportabella