who is using scalaxb?

Here's a list of users who are using scalaxb, or have at some point.


Non-blocking SOAP feature was also contributed by @hoff2 from Banno.


Scoozie: Creating Big Data Workflows at Klout

Additionally, we would like to provide a shout-out to a great open-source project, scalaxb, an sbt plugin that takes .xsd files and creates matching Scala case classes. Scoozie populates these case classes, which are then automatically converted to XML by scalaxb. This plugin saved a lot of headache in the actual process of conversion to XML.


Dispatch forms the foundation of an in-house SOAP client at Novus together with scalaxb. Thanks to these tools our standard response to “Can you do SOAP?” is “Bring it on!” instead of “Ew, what’s this on my shoe?!”

VMWare vCloud

Using Salat with scalaxb generated classes:

scalaxb generates Scala case classes from XSDs and generates supporting helpers for going back and forth from case class to XML. Salat provides an interface to MongoDB based on case classes.

There are a couple hurdles, but both project owners have taken our suggestions seriously, and have smoothed out quite a few bumps.