scalaxb 0.5.3

breaking changes (no import)

  • Moved helper functions from Scalaxb object into scalaxb package object.
  • Moved default typeclass instances from DefaultXMLProtocol trait to the package object of the generated class. (inspired by @jsuereth at #nescala)


import scalaxb._
import Scalaxb._
import ipo._
import DefaultXMLProtocol._
val shipTo = fromXML[Address](subject)


val shipTo = scalaxb.fromXML[ipo.Address](subject)

bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • Maps xs:integer, etc. to BigInt.
  • Fixed substitution group parsing (GH-25 reported by @dbolene)
  • Implements attributeFormDefault, elementFormDefault, and form support. (GH-26 reported by @dbolene)
  • Fixed parsing long sequence. (GH-29 reported by E-Fir)
  • Implements UTF-8 and UTF-16 BOM handling. (GH-31 reported by @fredferrao)
  • Prints version number. (GH-24 requested by @dbolene)
  • Prints better parser error message. (GH-27 reported by @dbolene)